heliogravures au grain - gomma bicromata - stampa al carbone - kalitipia - cianografia

These pages would represent
- modestly -
some aspects of photography
which recall substantially
'the style' of the camera obscura
or rather some particular consequences
using the photographic process.

Between the lens transfixed by light
and its impact at peerless speed
upon the silver layer (today a matrix)
stands the dark and short space-time
in which are fullfilled
the photographer's mental processes.
This is style.

To these processes
- fancifully -
a degree of elaboration was allowed
when the wider path of light
vibrated inside a foot-long black leather bellows.
The same processes became ever-faster
with shrinking focal lengths
and the growing sharpness of the layer.
This is style.

A good performance of the photographic release
had always to compete
with the attitude to coldly balance
between what happens in that tiny space-time
and the suspension
the phisical possession of the support
on which the image
reveals itself.
This is style.

A.M. X/'07


 heliogravure 2006

 heliogravure 2001


 VE Diptych

 a STAIRCASE - 2014


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